Common Higher Education Terms

Writing a CV for Teaching Opportunities in Higher Ed

"A curriculum vitae or CV refers to a document that describes an academic's educational background and professional experience. A CV is similar to a resume, with the important difference that the CV is typically comprehensive and a resume is selective" (Creating and Maintaining Your CV). The purpose of a CV is to provide a holistic overview of your educational background, professional experience, .... read more

Aspiring Academics: Breaking Into the World of Higher Education

Have you ever had the desire to teach at the collegiate level but weren't sure how to get started? You're not alone! Higher education can seem foreign and even somewhat intimidating to some. Many working professionals have a desire to help educate students by sharing their industry or field knowledge, their skills, and their expertise, but are unsure how to break into the world of higher ed. The f.... read more

Ten Questions to Ask when interviewing for an Adjunct Teaching position

How many students will I have in my class? Will all the students likely be academically prepared for the course? What are the academic-help resources that the institution provides? Will I be evaluated by my students? by faculty or administration and will I have access to these evaluations? Will I be provided office space, professional development opportuni.... read more

The A's and Z's of Higher Education

New to higher education? Read this helpful guide to learn some jargon of the higher education world! Academic adviser: a member of the college's faculty who assists and advises students on academic topics. Academic dishonesty: the use of unauthorized assistance with the intent of deceiving a professor or evaluator, including but not limited to plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, an.... read more