Ten Questions to Ask when interviewing for an Adjunct Teaching position

  1. How many students will I have in my class?

  2. Will all the students likely be academically prepared for the course?

  3. What are the academic-help resources that the institution provides?

  4. Will I be evaluated by my students? by faculty or administration and will I have access to these evaluations?

  5. Will I be provided office space, professional development opportunities, administrative support, access to library resources and mentorship?

  6. Will I be expected to advise or attend committee or department meetings?

  7. Is there an institutional orientation for new faculty?

  8. What are the institutional policies on cheating, writing a syllabus, and student use of digital technologies?

  9. What is the professional climate like between tenured (and tenure-track) faculty and adjuncts?

  10. Are there any special perks that I may be entitled to: sports and arts passes, tuition-remission, discounted meals in the cafeteria, professional memberships or publications, parking, and conferences?