Education Technology and Products

Game-Based Learning to Improve Non-traditional Student Learning Outcomes

For many years, educators have been using games in the classroom to create interactive experiences that motivate and actively engage students in the learning process. Game-based learning is an effective way for students to interact and engage with a course curriculum.With the recent growth of edtech, game-based learning has evolved into highly adaptive learning tools that can simulate real world e.... read more

The Future of Hiring in Higher Ed

The concept of academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of American higher education. A substantial component of academic freedom rests in the understanding that academic leaders (deans, chairs, and directors) decide who will be hired as faculty and which courses they will teach. Deans, chairs and directors understand their accreditors' hiring requirements, their departments' or programs' faculty .... read more

Adaptive Learning Products: What's New?

In recent years, adaptive learning products have become increasingly important for college instructors. Adaptive Learning Products are educational products that involve computers with software that adapts content and assessments to the knowledge level of the student to create a more individualized learning experience. Education Growth Advisors, a strategic consultant and advisory firm servi.... read more