Managing A Class

Preparing Lessons to Achieve Course Objectives

The class plan and the lesson plan, while distinct, are not mutually exclusive; a well-structured class plan creates the structure for your lesson plans for the semester. The class plan should consist of: (1) a class description, (2) goals for the course, (3) assessable goals for each general goal, (4) learning activities for each class, (5) formative assessments measuring each goal, and (6) summa.... read more

Mid-Semester Mindfulness for Professors: Tips for Avoiding Burnout

As many colleges approach the middle of their semesters, it is quite likely that you have come to face some level of burnout- the physical and mental exhaustion that comes from a snowballing of stress, overworking yourself, overexertion, and so on.In this state, you may find yourself eagerly glancing, bleary-eyed, at your academic calendars, wondering: "Now, just how many days are actually lef.... read more

Tips and Tricks for Classroom Management

For many professors, managing the time in the classroom can pose a daunting challenge. Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of material to cover, classes become jam-packed of material, exercises, and lectures, often without intentionality or consideration of pacing. Here are four tips to lesson development and classroom management that can help you keep classes engaging and manageable. Attaina.... read more

Dealing with Disruption

While most students that adjunct professors encounter will be nothing but pleasant to teach, sometimes professors may receive a student who consistently disrupts the classroom. These students may ask questions incessantly, speak out of turn, veer the class off-topic, or monopolize discussions. Sometimes, these students may harass or annoy other students, disrupting their learning environment.... read more

How to Administer an Exam

While the bulk of students' success on examinations will come in your preparation before test day, creating a good setting for examinations can help students achieve better scores. As a professor, you should arrive early and have the test materials ready for distribution when the class arrives. If you have time, check the lighting and temperature of the room to ensure a comfortable setting. .... read more

Show-Offs and Shyness: Facilitating Good Classroom Discussions

Often in humanities or social sciences courses, professors use classroom discussions to give students a way to engage with the material in a constructive manner conducive to learning. Classroom discussions can allow students to think critically about theories or facts they are learning and share their thoughts about the subject matter; however, good classroom discussions don't just happen - th.... read more