How to Find your Perfect Adjunct Job

If you are an experienced adjunct professor or you are an expert who has knowledge and skills you would like to share with students, how do you get connected with the colleges and universities who need you to teach?  

In my experience, most of us check job boards, classified ads or school websites or try to find a personal or professional contact at an institution.  Sometimes these methods work well but often the department chairs and program directors  hiring  adjuncts  don't have time to update job posts, don't have digital tools to keep track of qualified faculty applicants and find themselves looking for adjuncts while trying manage a very long set of responsibilities.

APL, Adjunct Professor Link,  provides a new way for adjuncts to "get found" for adjunct teaching positions making the process easier for those hiring and those wishing to be hired.

On the APL site, experts and professional educators like you post profiles for free.  Profiles are made up of education-specific hiring insights and allow schools to find you based on  your experience, degree, expertise, credentials,and availability. You can even list your rate, other personal hiring information and upload a video!

While there remain other ways of finding adjunct jobs like looking through job postings on typical job search websites and word-of-mouth, new websites like APL promise to increase the efficiency in connecting adjunct professors with the schools who need them.

Image Credit: Flazingo via Flickr