California State University Streamlines Faculty Hiring with APL

In 2017, California State San Bernardino partnered with APL nextEd to help streamline their faculty recruiting and hiring process. Previously struggling to find qualified candidates to teach, California State San Bernardino turned to APL nextEd for assistance. APL nextEd’s Custom Match feature in the Faculty Management Solution allows busy deans, directors, and chairs to be matched with pre-qualified candidates that meet their specific hiring criteria.

In a one week time period, APL nextEd was able to provide 10 qualified candidates to fill a variety of courses in the College of Business that would otherwise have been cancelled due to the lack of an instructor. Associate Dean of the College of Business and MBA Director Vipin Gutpa says: “I can't commend the APL team enough for their professionalism, promptness and service mindset. APL's platform is simple and a delight to manage faculty recruitment. They helped us find ten faculty members - who met our strict accreditation standards for qualifications - for our bottleneck courses within one week time. This helped us immediately serve about 300 students, who would not otherwise have a class and who would otherwise delay progress towards graduation.”

APL nextEd continues to assist California State San Bernardino in their faculty recruiting and hiring efforts through APL nextEd’s Faculty Management Solution.

APL nextED’s Faculty Management Solution provides all stakeholders involved in the faculty lifecycle with a solution to manage recruiting, appointment, evaluation, promotion, professional development, and accreditation compliance reporting.

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