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Marketing Faculty Accomplishments with an FMS

Faculty data is crucial to the success of your institution on numerous levels. This data is, of course, essential for compliance purposes, but can also serve as an important tool in your institution's marketing efforts. This data can equip your marketing department with the information they need to create compelling messages centered around the accomplishments of your faculty.As the price to atten.... read more

Easing Accreditation Preparation with an FMS

The US Department of Education states "Accreditation is the recognition that an institution maintains standards requisite for its graduates to gain admission to other reputable institutions of higher learning or to achieve credentials for professional practice. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality." Ac.... read more

7 Considerations When Exploring Faculty Management Solutions

Purchasing a Faculty Management Solution is a big decision for many colleges and universities. A Faculty Management Solution (FMS) can provide your institution with a comprehensive solution to collect, store and report on faculty data. When evaluating potential FMS's, make sure you explore the following 7 considerations: DataA good starting point is to find out if the FMS you are considering .... read more

Adjunct Faculty Development Impacts Student Success

Research has shown that professional development is one of the top 3 resources adjuncts want most from their institutions. As institutions continue to rely on adjuncts to teach 75% or more of their courses each year, it is imperative to create a strategy around providing professional development to part-time faculty. Providing professional development does not just benefit the faculty but ult.... read more

Building and Engaging a Talent Pool

Imagine this scenario: It's one week before the semester or term begins and you have just been notified that a section or course has been added or has become sufficiently enrolled and will be offered. The faculty for the course is listed at tbd. What do you do? Some of your options include asking a full-time professor to teach an overload; teaching the course yourself; or finding a qualified adjun.... read more

What Adjuncts Really Want

With over three-fourths of all college courses being delivered by adjunct faculty today, it is imperative that institutions know how to engage and retain this increasingly important group of faculty. There are a few simple yet key steps institutions can take to ensure their adjuncts feel valued, engaged, and prepared for success.CommunicationDeveloping a communication plan is essential to the succ.... read more

Training Adjuncts to Teach = Student Success

Do you know what the most constant and most significant indicator of student success is? It is not student access to fancy adaptive learning tools or integrated learning management systems or even digitized retention programs (not that these don't add ease and value to the student experience). What has the greatest impact on student success is the quality and preparation of their instructors. &nb.... read more

20 Questions You Should Never Ask in a Faculty Interview

Conducting faculty interviews is just one the many, many responsibilities of busy deans, chairs, and directors. Being aware of the do's and don't's of effective and lawful interviewing is important for all of those involved in the faculty hiring process.   A study by CareerBuilder showed that 1 in 5 hiring managers have asked an off-limits question in a job interview only to realize thei.... read more

Who's Really Teaching Your Courses?

A lot has been written about adjunct faculty in the last decade. The increase in the number of adjuncts teaching college courses (more than 70% according to The Chronicle of Higher Education), the plight of those with PhD's in the humanities and social sciences, who teach off the tenure track because of reduced demand and budgets, and the rising number of adjunct professors who are organizing on c.... read more

What's In a Name: Today's Adjunct

When I went to school, as my kids would say "back in the day," an adjunct was someone who came from the professional world and taught a class or two in some subject that required insights into a particle skill or skill set. For example, I had an adjunct instructor for Employment Law when I was a law student. He was a lawyer who came from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to Valparaiso University on Saturday .... read more

A Win-Win Scenario: Providing Support to Adjunct Faculty

In a guide for the American Council on Education, Dr. Nancy Lightfoot Matte, chair of the English Department of Phoenix College, notes the importance of providing support, training, and professional development to adjunct faculty, and it seems that campuses are heeding her call with the recent growth in adjunct faculty. Colleges and universities are giving support and resources to adjuncts in .... read more

Accreditation - Your FAQs, Answered

You may have heard of accreditation for the institution or program at which you teach. Here are answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about accreditation. What is educational accreditation? Educational accreditation is a quality assurance measurement that is given after an external body evaluates the services and operations of educational institutions or programs. If the ap.... read more

Quality Control - HLC Guidelines for Qualified Faculty

With the advent of adjunct faculty and larger numbers of students entering college, higher education institutions have become increasingly focused on ensuring the quality of their faculty. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has developed a set of guidelines for institutions and peer reviewers for determining qualified faculty.The HLC defines qualified faculty as faculty members who possess an ac.... read more