Interviewing and Hiring

Building and Engaging a Talent Pool

Imagine this scenario: It's one week before the semester or term begins and you have just been notified that a section or course has been added or has become sufficiently enrolled and will be offered. The faculty for the course is listed at tbd. What do you do? Some of your options include asking a full-time professor to teach an overload; teaching the course yourself; or finding a qualified adjun.... read more

20 Questions You Should Never Ask in a Faculty Interview

Conducting faculty interviews is just one the many, many responsibilities of busy deans, chairs, and directors. Being aware of the do's and don't's of effective and lawful interviewing is important for all of those involved in the faculty hiring process.   A study by CareerBuilder showed that 1 in 5 hiring managers have asked an off-limits question in a job interview only to realize thei.... read more