Marketing Faculty Accomplishments with an FMS

Faculty data is crucial to the success of your institution on numerous levels. This data is, of course, essential for compliance purposes, but can also serve as an important tool in your institution's marketing efforts. This data can equip your marketing department with the information they need to create compelling messages centered around the accomplishments of your faculty.

As the price to attend college continues to rise, coupled with the shift in the student population toward a population that includes a greater number of non-traditional learners, prospective students are now more assiduous than ever when choosing an institution of higher learning.

Here we will explore three key types of faculty data and how you can use them to market your institution.

Professional Development

Professional development is a common requirement of most faculty, however, very few institutions are tracking their faculty's progress or reporting the outcomes. By using a solution like APL nextED, all professional development is tracked and outcomes are easily reported. This data allows you to market your faculty's unique teaching qualifications. For example, you may want to showcase that 80 percent of your faculty completed 20+ hours of faculty development this year, or that 90 percent have a micro-credential in flipped classroom learning. This data can help exhibit your institution's commitment to innovative instruction, high-quality instruction, and maintaining your faculty's knowledge of current best practices.

Scholarship and IP Generation

Scholarship activities and IP generation are great ways to show prospective students, board members and other stakeholders that your faculty are thought leaders in their fields. Reports on awards, publications, journal articles, presentations and research are invaluable tools for your marketing department when creating annual reports, board updates, newsletters and other marketing materials. And as an added bonus your faculty will feel recognized for their achievements!

Service and Advising

Showcasing community service, committee work, student service and advising is an excellent way to promote your faculty's dedication to both students and the institution as a whole. This data set can be used especially for promotion of the unique culture of your institution. Perhaps a group of faculty are committed to a particular community service project and have completed numerous volunteer hours. This type of data can be used to create impactful stories about the difference your faculty is making at the university and in the community.

Faculty Management Solutions, like APL nextED, allow for streamlined collection of faculty data plus the ability to easily export aggregated faculty data into meaningful reports. Using an FMS helps you attract and retain top-notch faculty members, as it presents an intuitive single sign-on platform they'll love, and utilizing appropriate data for marketing can not only keep faculty members happy, but draw the attention of the prospective students you covet. 

About APL nextED

APL nextED is a comprehensive Faculty Management Solution (FMS) for managing and reporting on all faculty data for tenure and non-tenure faculty. APL provides all stakeholders involved in the faculty lifecycle with a solution to manage workflows for accreditation compliance reporting, evaluation, promotion, professional development, recruiting, and staffing.