Game-Based Learning to Improve Non-traditional Student Learning Outcomes

For many years, educators have been using games in the classroom to create interactive experiences that motivate and actively engage students in the learning process. Game-based learning is an effective way for students to interact and engage with a course curriculum.

With the recent growth of edtech, game-based learning has evolved into highly adaptive learning tools that can simulate real world experiences and even integrate with an institution's LMS.

Game-based Learning and Non-traditional Students

In January 2016, Muzzy Lane released a report sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that reported on the potential for game-based learning to improve outcomes for nontraditional students in higher education. These non-traditional students were defined as students who may be returning to school after pausing their education; working and balancing family and parenting responsibilities while going to school; lower income; English as a second language learners, and the first members of their families to attend college.

The findings showed that non-traditional students needed flexible mobile activities and assessments that fit into their busy unpredictable schedules allowing them to learn on their own time while juggling additional responsibilities such as work and family. Mobile game-based learning tools can provide these busy students with on-the-go learning activities and assessments with an opportunity to apply concepts and knowledge to reach a solution. 

Creating Customized Game-based Learning Content

Muzzy Lane offers a cloud-based authoring service with tools for building game-based activities and assessments. Author encourages higher order thinking and help students practice a skill, roleplay an experience, and apply what they have learned.

Using Author, you can create real-world situations in which it's safe to fail and success is always within reach. The ability for your students to play activities anytime, anyplace, on any device encourages self-directed learning and increases time on task. Real-time assessment and analytics allow students and instructors to make the adjustments that will lead to success. 

Author activities are web-based and playable on any operating system. Author activities use IMS Global's Learning Tools Interoperability, the standard by which game-based learning and other rich content tools integrate with Learning Management Systems.

Click here to create your free Author account and start building and sharing game-based activities.